First and above all I am a father.  Life changes when you have a child, you find for the first time in your life there is someone in this world who is more important than yourself.  I child is entirely dependent upon you.  When you realize that, you realize that nothing else matters as you brought them into this world.  So I am firstly a parent then everything else comes after that…


I am a foodie.  I find everything about food interesting. The way it nourishes the soul and the body. The way it is produced. The way it is prepared. The way we celebrate with it.  I love food.  Look for my cooking and restaurant reviews in my foodie blog.  Here I’ll focus on my relationship with food.


I love to capture snippets of life in still photography. There was a point in time when I held out on the move to digital photography. To this day, I find that digital even with all it’s benefits takes away from the much more tactile and organic creation of photographs. With that distraction in the back of my mind though, I will try my best to focus on photos that say something about me and how I feel.


I am a geek.  An Apple geek, a unix geek, a Windows geek.  I love gadgets, and I love geeking out.

Past lives

Semi-professional salsa dancer

There was a point in my life where I was a semi-pro salsa dancer.  I would party every weekend, I would teach, I would perform. Alas, as a father that is not something I can do easily.


I love to dive.  Although I barely got into it before stopping, I have decided that although the dangers and chances for accidents are slim, I do have my limits. I do not want to leave my daughter without a father because he decided exploring the underwater world was more important.  It isn’t, nothing is more important to me than my daughter.

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