People often shy away from cooking fish. If you can make a good steak, you can pretty much do a great job frying up  a fish fillet.  Timing is everything with fish, as you never want to over cook at make dry flaky fish.  What is always a hit at home, is a simple fried fish with crispy skin.  There is almost no prep, but technique is important here.  The key to maximum crispy skin, is scoring the skin and and patient spooning of hot oil over it.

What You Need

  • 1 Fresh Fish Fillet (Here I am using a nice atlantic Salmon and a lake trout)
  • Salt and pepper
  • 2 Tbsp Butter

What To Do

  1. Rinse the fish, check for bones and pat dry with paper towels
  2. Roll fish slightly make shallow cuts into the skin down the length of the fillet 20130526-203505.jpg
  3. Salt and pepper both sides to desired seasoning20130526-203519.jpg
  4. Put butter in the frying pan and bring medium heat20130526-203537.jpg
  5. Place fish skin side down (be sure you place it down away from you so that you don’t splash hot butter onto yourself. I know this from experience.)
  6. Cover and fry for 7 minutes or so
  7. Uncover and flip (Again away from you)
  8. The skin will already be a bit crispy.  Let it cook for 4 minutes.
  9. The last 3 minutes, make the skin super crispy by spooning the hot oil over the skin.  This is a bit easier if you tilt the pan a bit to one side.20130526-203551.jpg
  10. Remove from heat, let rest for a minute and serve.





Written by Alfred Kee

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Oh my!!! You make me want to go out and buy fish. As a matter of fact I have not had fish in some time. And I have to say with butter yummmmmm!!!! Now I know butter is good with EVERYTHING but why have I never thought of it for cooking fish in. Oh the asian ways of just using oil. I have to say I am salivating thinking about the butter crispy skin right now!!!! Thank you for sharing.


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