What a fantastic new way to finally express our passion! Thanks Alfred for including me in on this amazing journey. I hope I don’t disappoint. I thought long and hard about what I was going to write on my very first post. It was a bit nerve racking and thoughts kept flying into and out of my mind. But in the end, I thought I would keep it simple.
Last night we were invited to a neighbour’s for a last minute, very casual, simple dinner. I need to mention that this is a man who is single in his 40s who doesn’t have guest over that often. It was really a priveledge and honor to be invited to a Swiss man’s home as the Swiss are an extremely private culture and being invited into their home is a big deal. As we joined our friends (another family of 4) for dinner at Marco’s house, I thought oh should I bring something. What do I have at home that I can quickly go and grab….well in the end I brought nothing as it would have been very offensive if I had brought over a dessert considering he had spent the day baking a wonderful apple torte. Marco made pasta for dinner. For me I am not a lover of pasta. All the years growing up in East Vancouver with the Italian restaurants around like Anton’s that served massive portions of pasta that was very saucy and cheesy turned me off of pasta. Not to mention my mother never made lasagnas right and I really had no care for it. Well that has all changed as living in Switzerland has made pasta more exciting to me…..how could it not with Italy just a short train ride away. Anyways back to the dinner. Marco opened a bag of pasta…boiled it….opened a jar of sauce and heated it up. 9 of us sat down for dinner with 2 pots in front of us and simple served ourselves and ate. The pasta was al dente and the sauce was sweet and savory and I thought to myself how simple…how delicious…how great. Is food really that simple? Does it have to be hours of slaving in the kitchen to gobble down in just minutes? It instantly made me think of this blog and how wonderful it is going to be from seeing all our creations from the most simple to the hardest that we will attempt and to hear our thoughts and opinions along the way. As we live, love and laugh our way into fantastic memories…

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Alfred K

Jess, so glad you’re doing this with me! Sometimes the simplest of foods can be just as enjoyable as something you’ve slaved away for hours at. A simple nice pasta, tossed in olive oil or butter with a favourite grated cheese and some salt and pepper can be undeniably satisfying. Sometimes even some toast and butter does it for me.

One thing to be clear about is quality ingredients. You aren’t going to replicate the experience you spoke of with a jar of North American Ragu sauce along with that pseudo parmesan from Kraft in a plastic green container!


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