Alfred enjoys a peach

Alfred with a sweet peach in Sorrent, Italy

For awhile now, friends have asked me to go from posting photos of food and random recipes onto Facebook and to begin more serious effort of putting together a food blog. I wasn’t quite sure where to start, and in fact wasn’t so keen on doing this on my own. For reasons I can’t really explain, I finally bit the bullet and here is the very first post of something hopefully wonderful and tasty.

I’ve enlisted my friend Jessica who shares a passion for cooking and good food to contribute with this effort.  Knowing the two of us, I think this will evolve to include posts outside of just food, but let’s start small.  Initially we will share our recipes, our restaurant reviews, kitchen tips and tricks and perhaps talk about our favorite kitchen tools and gadgets.

I’m keeping this first post short and sweet because who knows what will happen next!

Written by Alfred Kee



Alfred this is amazing!!! And I love the fact that we will be posting restuarants, food, travel, etc, etc, etc…. Loving this and loving that you are my favorite foodie! Together let’s create something magical 🙂


Thanks for sharing your website with me Alfred! I look forward to reading all the different recipes, and restaurant adventures. Good luck with this new adventure!


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