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Hot Cocoa

What a better way to start a cold day than with a cup of hot cocoa? Isabelle recently enjoyed some hot cocoa at a Maple Syrup festival and I thought I’d make her some from scratch. Hot cocoa for me is something to be enjoyed as a treat, so no reason to purchase instant powder… Read more »

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What defines good???

What a fantastic new way to finally express our passion! Thanks Alfred for including me in on this amazing journey. I hope I don’t disappoint. I thought long and hard about what I was going to write on my very first post. It was a bit nerve racking and thoughts kept flying into and out… Read more »

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The start of something tasty

For awhile now, friends have asked me to go from posting photos of food and random recipes onto Facebook and to begin more serious effort of putting together a food blog. I wasn’t quite sure where to start, and in fact wasn’t so keen on doing this on my own. For reasons I can’t really… Read more »